About the Original Project and Website

This website was  originally established as part of the Biochemical Security 2030 Project which brought together academics and policy makers in order to improve the responsiveness of  the biological and chemical weapon prohibition regimes to advances in science and technology.  The project was supported by the ESRC under the RCUK Global Uncertainties initiative as part of the Science and Security Programme. The website is currently maintained by Dr Brett Edwards, and does not reflect the views of contributors, or any other organisation.

Over the years the focus of this website has broadened in a number of key senses, which reflect the opening up of a number of new work streams. As well as the addition of Tom Hobson to the Bath team.  We continue to work in the area of biochemical weapon control ( primarily in the context of the CWC and BTWC) and still publish peer reviewed occasional papers as part of the Biochemical Security 2030 Policy Paper Series.   In addition, work as part of this project has spawned a number of side projects.   This has included more ethical and theoretical work on the relationship between cutting-edge technology , international security and the state (see our blog series). This discussion has expanded beyond poisons and toxins, to autonomous, augmentative and biomimetic weapon systems.

Our work has also increasingly involved policy review, educational  and  technology assessment initiatives ( some of which have been in collaboration with VERTIC, Biosecu.re  as well as scholars and King’s College London, the University of Bradford and the University of Sussex).

If you have ideas for collaboration, are looking to do research in this area,  would like to publish through our paper series, or there are things you think we should be covering on our website do get in touch!


Brett Edwards