Conference on Bio-Chem S&T and Security: Royal Society 19-21st November 2014

We are hosting a conference which will bring together policy makers and academics to discuss  the future of bio-chem arms control and non-proliferation.

A conference flyer is available here

In particular the meeting will focus on:

  • Cutting-edge fields of innovation of  potential misuse concern
  • National  and supra-national models of dual-use innovation oversight
  •  S&T review processes within the biological and chemical weapons conventions
  • Industry engagement with biological and chemical weapon non-proliferation issues.

 Confirmed Speakers Include

  • Professor Mike Imperiale, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Professor Silja Vöneky, Universität Freiburg
  • Dr Nicholas Evans, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Dr Koos van der Bruggen, Working Group on Biosecurity at KNAW
  • Dr Caitriona McLeish, University of Sussex
  • Dr James Revill, University of Sussex
  • Professor Simon Wain-Hobson,Institut Pasteur
  • Dr Michael Crowley, University of Bradford
    Professor Malcom Dando, University of Bradford
  • Dr Ralf Trapp, Independent Arms Control Consultant
  • Dr Piers Millet, Former Deputy Head of the Implementation Support Unit, Biological Weapons Convention, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
  • Dr Stefan Mogl, Spiez Laboratory
  • Dr Laura Adam, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)
  • Dr Gary Burns, Independent Biosafety and Biosecurity Consultant
    Dr Catherine Rhodes, University of Manchester
  • Dr Jonathan Forman, OPCW

Registration is required. Please contact Brett Edwards @ for further information.